Established in the winter of 2016, New York City Not 4 Sale is a broad network working to facilitate coordination between grassroots organizations, artists and activists in New York fighting against gentrification and for democratic control over land, housing and development in the city.

Individuals and groups carry out a range of activities in connection with NYCN4S, but all agree to popularize the People’s Housing Plan in their work, formulated in a series of meetings by network participants in late 2016.

People’s Housing Plan

Formulated in winter 2016 by NYCN4S participants, the People’s Housing Plan offers a shared horizon for individuals and groups fighting against gentrification in New York City. All participants in the NYCN4S network agree to popularize the plan in their local struggles.

For distribution: download PDF here.

People’s Housing Plan

NYC Is Not 4 Sale, October 2016

Preamble:  The People’s Housing Plan is a way for grassroots organizations, artists and activists to change the conversation about housing in New York City, moving beyond the policy goals of established nonprofit organizations and political parties. By signing on to this platform, we commit to integrating it into our work and coordinating with others to advocate for it. Organizations and individuals can support the plan’s five points using an array of tactics, including petitions, speaking events, publications, street art, protests, disruptions, rent strikes, occupations, and more.

  1. End homelessness in New York City. Immediate housing for all homeless people through new construction or seizure of vacant “warehoused” properties. Citywide moratorium on evictions.
  2. Universal rent control. Apply rent control laws to all rental properties in New York City. Institute an immediate rent freeze, and phased rollback of rents to 20% of tenant income.
  3. Transfer distressed buildings to tenant ownership. Transfer properties using the 7A receivership process or eminent domain. Tenant ownership in the form of cooperatives, mutual housing associations, or community land trusts.
  4. Repair and expand high-quality public housing. Full funding for the NYC Housing Authority (NYCHA) and full repairs and enhancements for all NYCHA properties. Begin construction of new, high quality public housing with community centers and art spaces.
  5. Democratize development. Institute direct election of community boards with veto power over development decisions. Expand public input into the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP). Moratorium on upzoning until these reforms are completed.


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